sábado, outubro 07, 2006

Gosto do Terrence Mallick

Uma forma de ver os mitos e a necessidade que todos temos de ter modelos, ou referências culturais, sob risco de orfandade:

"...since unlike most films that self-consciously refer to other films or myths, Malick's films do not engage with them in a particularly critical manner, nor do they understand the notion of myth as something that obscures truth, or legitimizes ideological interests, etc. so that it needs to be “demystified” and “revised”, as in the films of someone like Altman or Godard. Instead, Malick understands myths as “cultural paradigms,” if you will, that function as a precondition for making sense out of the human experience, and that shape the sensibilities of the culture that produces them. Indeed, myths, as recognized as such, are not hypotheses that might or might not turn out to be true, as they serve a completely different function from the presentations of facts."

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